June 26, 2020

Dave O’Hara Sports

– Thank you to my guests Sports Writer for the Ottumwa Courier Chad Drury, Sports writer for Memphis Flyer, Memphis Magazine managing editor and author of the novel Trey’s Company Frank Murtaugh and HawkeyeInsider.com publisher and writer at 247Sports David Eickholt for joining me today on my sports talk radio show.

Hawkeyed with Dave O’Hara™ on Fox 28 – Episode 18

March 5, 2021 Hawkeyed with Dave O'Hara Sports™ - In Episode Eighteen of Hawkeyed with Dave O'Hara, Dave starts off the show with a quick opening monologue, talking about the show guest lineup and then chats with show sponsor Joe Merschman, president and CEO of...

Dave O’Hara Sports with John Bohnenkamp and Brad Wells 5/7/2020

May 7, 2020 Dave O'Hara Sports  - Thank you to Iowa Hawkeyes Maven website publisher John Bohnenkamp and ESPN/Fox Sports Panther Sports Talk broadcaster Brad Wells, for joining me again today on my daily sports talk radio show.  

Dave O’Hara Sports with Dave Eickholt and Scott Jackson 5/18/2020

May 18, 2020 Dave O'Hara Sports - Thank you to Dave Eickholt and Scott Jackson for joining me today on my daily sports radio talk show 5/18/2020.