June 8, 2020

Dave O’Hara Sports

 – Thanks to my guests Hawkeye Insider and Writer at 247Sports David Eickholt, health expert on all aspects of sports medicine Dr. Colette
and Senior Sports writer at the Ottumwa Courier for joining me on my daily sports talk radio show June 8, 2020.


Dave O’Hara Sports™ with Austin Miller, Corey Stott and Scott Jackson 12/25/2020

December 25, 2020 Dave O'Hara Sports™ - Thank you to my guests Kirksville Daily Express sports editor Austin Miller, Memphis, MO Democrat sports reporter Corey Stott and Ottumwa Courier senior sports writer Scott Jackson for joining me today.  

Dave O’Hara Sports with Justin Schulte, Jay Whannel and Chris Duerr 9/30/2020

September 30, 2020 Dave O'Hara Sports- Thank you to my guests SCC Men's Baseball Head coach Justin Schulte, DugoutSportsFairfax.com owner and instructor out of Fairfax, IA Jay Whannel and long time/legendary KHQA.com sports director and anchor Chris Duerr for joining...

Dave O’Hara Sports™ with Corey Stott, Scott Jackson and Charley Branham 11/27/2020

November 27, 2020 Dave O'Hara Sports - Thank you to my guests Memphis Democrat sports reporter Corey Stott, Ottumwa Courier senior sports writer Scott Jackson, and Memphis, MO native/historian, my longtime friend and former college basketball teammate Charley Branham...